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We are social entrepreneurs


Ancestral Gardening & Indegenous Food Initiative (AGIFI) is driven by REVEALED HERBAL PRODUCTS, LLC’s concern on issues of global food security, alleviation of poverty, women and youth empowerment, cleaner water and environment, while building sustainable local economies. This idea is ignited by our understanding of an urgent need for strategic Agricultural adaptation systems, programs, and processing of food in readiness for the anticipated Global Climate Change.

In today’s world, promoting change includes the need for carbon mitigating, and sustainable agricultural businesses. To achieve this mission, the circle of chain must include all parties concerned in developing a holistic system of farming, production, distribution and consumption.

This is necessary because it is the only dependable system of Agriculturefor communities that promote adaptation strategy.

AGIFI Process incorporates ancestral and traditional food practices of indegenous people with up-to-date sustainable technology. Uncompromising transparency and accountability are applied  in a manner that will allow improvement and progress, for generations to come.

To date, most steps that our finished products take, promote sustainability.

Thank you for helping us restore the impacts caused by environmental damages. You are also contributing to prepare for the anticipated climate change. As you purchase Revealed Herbal Products, you have become our partner in achieveing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Poverty Alleviation, particularly helping the African Woman and Youth farmers cooperatives.

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