Apr 6, 2015

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April is National Stress Awareness Month.

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It’s National Stress Awareness Month and we have some tips for you on how to avoid stress:-

  • Do unplug: – A good idea is to turn off all electronic gadgets an hour or so before bedtime. With the widespread use of smartphone, this habit is extremely important as it allows your body and mind to unwind before falling into deep slumber. Sleep is deeper, more restful and hence, more refreshing.
  • Pioritize Family Time: – Studies have shown that the simple act of consistently eating dinner together as a family boosts self-esteem and resilience in family members. These are both factors that help ward off stress.  Also, enjoy family time by sharing old traditional family stories with your loved ones. Don’t forget to love and cherish these people. Oh, and did we mention to forget and let go?
  • Living within your financial means:- Prioritize what is important for you and your family materially and spiritually and then focus on those things. Keeping up with the Joneses is never worth it.
  • Use Revealed® Brand Moringa:- Take advantage of your nutritional intake by using Moringa in your food. Moringa is known for boosting immunity, helping with mental clarity and restful sleep. These key qualities help alleviate stress. Revealed brand Moringa is potent with nutrients, micro mineral and macro minerals that your body needs. Use liberally in soups, cereals, tea etc. Remember that Moringa is the most nourishing plant ever discovered on earth.
Moringa Couscous

Moringa Couscous garnished with green veggie…just an idea!

We appreciate your partnership with us. Please help us to share our products with family and friends. Your favorite foodstore will carry the Revealed brand of Moringa when you tell them to do so. Call them today and tell them about us and don’t forget to remind them on your next visit. Also, let us know the best Moringa Revealed products that you’ll like available in your local health food store.


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